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Kate Brown is an Oregonian through and through. When she’s not busy at the Capitol in Salem, you’ll find her horseback riding, hiking or practicing yoga.

Even before her election as Secretary of State, Kate was active in Oregon politics.

She was appointed to the state House of Representatives in 1991 and, after winning two more House terms, was elected to the Oregon Senate. In 1998 Kate was chosen Senate Democratic leader. Significantly, in 2004 she became the first woman to serve as Senate Majority Leader.

In her legislative career, Kate led efforts to create a searchable online database for campaign contributions and expenditures, and reformed Oregon’s initiative process to reduce fraud and protect the citizen’s right to petition their government. She was also instrumental in passing comprehensive civil rights and domestic partnership laws.

Kate practiced family and juvenile law and taught at Portland State University before beginning her career in public service. She earned her law degree at Lewis and Clark Law School after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in environmental conservation with a certificate in women’s studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Kate grew up in Minnesota.

Kate Brown resides in Portland with her spouse, Dan.